• improves joint functionality
  •  improves the mobility of the spine and joints
  •  strengthens and shapes the abdominal muscles
  •  stretches and shapes the body improves balance, coordination, and neuromuscular control
  •  increases general body condition with minimal stress on the joints
  •  opens energy centers release energy blocks
  •  has meditative and calming effects reduces stress 


An exercise system that supports and restores the flexibility and internal support of the spine and the functionality of all body joints. 

The methodology was developed in the 1980s by Julio Horvath and is the basis of Horvath's work. It is based on the principles of yoga, dance, gymnastics, and tai chi as well as modern knowledge of kinesiology. 


  • The Gyrokinesis® lesson begins with body awareness with the help of a self-body massage, combined with simple breathing exercises. Subsequently, we will focus on the spine and pelvis leading to more vigorous strenuous exercises. 
  •  We first practice sitting on low stools and concentrate on mobilizing the spine and all the joints in the body 
  • through a series of exercises working with arches and curls, spiraling, bending, twisting, stretching, and rotation. 
  • The movements are first performed on a very small scale, but gradually increase and, using all directions of movement, relieves the stiffness of the hip and knee joints and the spine (at the same time, it stretches all muscle groups) 
  • Practice includes exercises lying down and standing up. In advanced lessons, we also add performance training to the basic exercises, preparing the body for more physically demanding activities.


Gyrokinesis® engages and exercises the whole body using seven basic elements, the directions of spinal movements: forward, backward, left, and right movement, then spiral twisting to the right and left and circular movement. It exercises joints and muscles systematically and without unnecessary strain through rhythmic exercises coordinated with the respective breathing phases. It thus stimulates the internal organs and the nervous system, which helps to release energy pathways, eliminate toxins and oxygenate the body. Horvath's methodology strengthens, revitalizes, and retrains the body so that fluidity, relaxation, and strength return to its movements. 

Gyrokinesis® maximizes the natural flow of energy in the body and leaves you with a feeling of life vitality, balance, and inner well-being.

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