GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® movement therapy /      most complexed exercising system


  • improves mobility accelerates blood circulation
  •  improves digestion increases physical and mental balance 
  • creates space in the inter-articular spaces and relieves joint stiffness 
  • relieves joint and muscle pain 
  • increases flexibility stabilizes due to contrast
  •  stimulates the body and its functions 
  • develops long muscles that strengthen the natural posture of the body scoliosis, lordosis, arthrosis... 
  • by gently mobilizing through movements in the seven directions of spinal movements and activating the internal stabilization system, it is possible to significantly improve health and relieve back and joint pain. 
  • improving physical condition has a meditative effect, eliminates stress and relieves tension, and increases the sense of body perception


  • it is practiced with great success all over the world in the field of dance sports rehabilitation and also as a fitness exercise for people of all ages and levels from children to pensioners 
  • It improves the quality of everyday life. In addition, it greatly increases endurance, versatility, and grace in any movement and artistic branch of dancers, sportsmen and athletes. 
  • GYROTONIC® opens up unique possibilities for movement cultivation and is an optimal exercise that meets individual requirements. 

Juliu Horvath the founder of Gyrotonic excercise

He used the most important principles of gymnastics, ballet, yoga, and swimming. During the exercise, all major muscle groups are continuously engaged and exercised. 

Gyrotonic is considered a holistic concept of movement that views the human body as a whole, at the center of which is the spine, its main and most important supporting element. 


  • Gyrotonic is a freedom of movement 
  • Circular spiral-like movements increase the functional capacity of the spine
  • thereby contributing to a three-dimensional perception of movement and leading to greater alignment and balance 
  • exercise is very well coordinated with breathing
  • It increases aerobic and cardiovascular activity and supports the regeneration of the neuromuscular system
  • flexibility and strength are developed 
  • tissue regeneration occurs 
  • vitality and joint mobility increase 
  • coordination of movements improves


  • we train on the professional "Pulley Tower" machine, which is adaptable to different body types and performance levels 
  • "Pulley Tower" ensures constant support for the body during exercise 
  • we practice in lying, sitting, and standing positions 
  • we perform a series of rhythmic coordinated exercises 
  • movements are natural, without unnecessary strain, and create a smooth transition between engaging and stretching the musculoskeletal system. 
  • the result is a balanced skeleton support. 
  • eccentric and concentric forces used by the respective muscle groups are evenly distributed between agonists (muscles performing the movement) and antagonists (muscles acting against the direction of other muscles) during the exercise due to the constant resistance, change of directions, and rotation around our axis, which ensures maximum training of all muscle parts. 

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It is a holistic movement system that combines thousands of years of Eastern knowledge of the body's energy with modern kinesiology. 

"The basic goal is to feel at home in your body, without pain, limitations, and inhibitions. To be in harmony with our nature, to achieve a feeling of fulfillment, wholeness." 

Juliu Horvath